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Trial, Court-Ordered Appearances and Litigation

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Rarely, but on occasion, a court will order a therapist to testify, be deposed, or appear in court for a matter relating to a client's treatment or case. In order to protect a client's  confidentiality, it is often suggested a therapist not be involved in the court proceedings.


Even though a client is responsible for the testimony fee, it does not mean the psychotherapist’s testimony will be solely in their favor. A psychotherapist can only testify to the facts of the case and to their professional opinion. Should a client wish to proceed with a subpoena, the following rates apply:

1. Preparation time (including submission of records): $220/hr 

2. Phone calls: $220/hr 

3. Depositions: $250/hour 

4. Time required in giving testimony: $250/hour 

5. Mileage: $0.50/mile 

6. Time away from office due to depositions or testimony: $220/hour 

7. All attorney fees and costs incurred by the therapist as a result of the legal action. 

8. Filing a document with the court: $100 

9. The minimum charge for a court appearance: $1,500


If called into court by a client's attorney, a retainer of $1,500 is due in advance.


If a subpoena or notice to meet attorney(s) is received without a minimum of 48-hour notice there will be an additional $250 express charge.


If a case is reset with less than 72 business hours’ notice, then the client will be charged $500 (in addition to the retainer of $1,500).


Other fees may apply, and will be discussed with you prior to the enactment of rendered services.

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