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Mission & Philosophy


    I am interested in you, and in raising you to your highest standard, in helping you overcome your pain, grief, addiction, fear or sense of powerlessness. 


    I prize, respect and consider the value and complexity of human life and individual human experience. 


    People are more than a mere diagnosis or behavior. They are a vast sum of their mind, body and spirit, of memories, heredity, beliefs, environment, experiences, emotions, strengths, weaknesses, fears, hopes, dreams and desires, successes and failures. This sum of body, mind and spirit is integral to the type of dynamic work we’ll be doing.


    I won’t pathologize you, but instead seek to understand you from a multi-faceted lens to help you better achieve your goals and improve the quality of your life.

   I strive, always, to provide genuine, authentic, ethical, empathic, honest, compassionate, respectful  and specialized feedback, guidance and insight for all my clients.

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