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Accepted Insurances through a partnership with Headway

Clients with Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (Excluding HMO Plans), Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (Virtual Network), Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (Virtual Network), Cigna, Oscar Health, Oxford or United Healthcare may request to have their insurance company billed through Recovery Zone Counseling's partnership with Headway

  • Headway handles all insurance calls and claim processing for clients. They ensure benefits and costs are understood, and will keep patients updated if there’s ever a change in coverage. 

  • If you elect to use your insurance for payment, an e-mail will be sent to your inbox prompting you to create an account and provide your insurance and payment information for your copay or deductible. Using Headway will not change your current copay or deductible—it just makes the billing process easier.




  • Patients are financially responsible for ensuring full payment for services rendered. Methods of payment would include self-pay, accepted insurance policies and copayments if the total fee is not covered by insurance.

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