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Therapy Frequency

Therapy session frequency is not fixed, but fluid, and typically ranges between one to four times per week for 55 minutes, depending upon the nature of the presenting challenges and the arrangement agreed upon between the psychotherapist and patient. Human beings are highly complex creatures, and a thorough psychodynamic analysis and treatment does take some time. After all, one wouldn't realistically walk five miles into the wilderness and expect to get out in one. 


New patients often find it beneficial to begin with three to four sessions per week, and titrate down to one or two sessions per week as time goes on and therapeutic rapport is built. The greater the session frequency and the more time spent with your therapist, the deeper the understanding of you and how best to meet your needs can be.


Recovery Zone Counseling is open on both weekdays and weekends for your convenience.



Free Initial Phone Consultation (10-15 min.)

Initial Intake Interview Assessment (60 - 90 min.) / $150

Adult Therapy (55 min.) / $150

Teen Therapy (55 min.) / $150

Family Therapy (75 min.) / $175

Initial Interview with Couple (90 min.) / $175

Individual Interview, 1 Per Partner for Couples Counseling (60 - 75 min.) / $150

Assessment Feedback & Intervention for Couples Counseling (90 min.) / $175

Couples Counseling (75-90 min.) / $175

Extended Sessions are Prorated Per Minute

Between-Session Phone, Text & Email Contact (per 10-15 min.) / $20

Letters and Form Completion (per 30 min.) / $30


Meetings for Coordination of Care (per 10 min.) / $15

Speaking Engagements (per hour) / $300

Trial, Court-Ordered Appearances & Litigation (Click Here to Read More)

A Note to Clients

Recovery Zone Counseling's office will provide those who are out-of-network with a “superbill” invoice to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Click here to learn more about superbills and how to submit one to your insurance company!

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