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Samantha Rose Dehring Recovery Zone

Meet your therapist. 


Outside of office hours, I enjoy traveling to new places, deep conversations, reading, hiking, long-distance running, urban exploration, photography, poetry, film, art, music, dance, theatre, philosophy, history, writing, action/adventure/fantasy video games, and learning something new every day.

In another life, I may have been a microbiologist, attorney, nurse practitioner, Egyptologist or the Oracle of Delphi in Ancient Greece.

My Celtic and Nordic ancestry gifted me a great love of stories, and I do love to listen. So much so, I made it my profession. 

Fun Fact: My name, "Samantha," means, "Listens well."

My name is Samantha Rose Dehring, a clinically licensed psychotherapist and master-level social worker, with special certification from The Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute’s Advanced Training in Adult Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program and a former Behavioral Health Science Officer in the Army.


After completing Wayne State University's graduate program in 2014, I amassed an eclectic arsenal of work experience and expertise at Henry Ford Hospital’s psych ward; an outpatient methadone maintenance clinic; a residential, intensive outpatient, outpatient and transitional housing drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment center; service with fellow soldiers in the U.S. Army; and caring for patients through various telemental health platforms, including MDLive, as well as my own private practice-Recovery Zone Counseling.

Prior to graduate school, I dallied in the studies of cultural and transpersonal anthropology, English language and literature, theatre, creative writing and linguistics.

My strength and highest degree and level of specialization is in psychodynamic psychotherapy, an extraordinarily versatile type of therapy, spanning to include elements of a multitude of approaches, and of those, gradually creates a combination which fits a patient's developmental and emotional needs and challenges best. Psychodynamic therapy is a hugely patient-centered form of therapy, which welcomes your thoughts and observations; there are no taboo subjects! It's a relationship and space where you have the complete freedom to explore absolutely any topic--anything at all!

I work to understand my patients' needs. No two persons are ever the same. What is helpful to one may be unhelpful to another. 

Having participated in my own rigorous psychotherapy as a part of my advanced training, with regular recurring sessions 3-4 times per week for over two years, I understand, intimately, what it's like to be the patient. It can be fun, illuminating, challenging, thought-provoking, intense and a profoundly life-altering experience if done correctly. 

I aim to not only hear you, but understand you and help you find ways to expand your own self-understanding. The more you know yourself, the better equipped you will be to effect meaningful and lasting change in your life. 

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