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Understanding the Choice to Not Accept Insurance

Reduced Ability to Choose

Most health care plans (insurance, PPO, HMO, et cetera...) offer little coverage and/or reimbursement for mental health services.


Most HMOs and PPOs require “pre-authorization” before a client can receive services. This means a client must call the company and justify why they are seeking therapeutic services in order to receive reimbursement. The insurance representative - who may or may not be a mental health professional - will decide whether access to chosen services will be granted.


If authorization is given, a client is restricted to seeing only the professional providers on the insurance company’s list.


Reimbursement is reduced if a client chooses a provider who is not on the contracted list; consequently, clients' choice of providers is significantly restricted.


At Recovery Zone Counseling, clients' autonomy and right to choose their own fit for provider is encouraged - most especially when it comes to mental health!

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